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Welcome the new friend to our kindergarten family!
2019-08-19 未知
A new child became a member of our kindergarten and did well in the first day.

A new child became a member of our kindergarten and did well in the first day. Friends play, sing and run together hand in hand on the spacious playground, becoming healthier and happier.

The kindergarten helps children develop habits, abilities and skills, and making them keep regular hours in the golden developing time for children. The Royal Pacific Kindergarten aims to help construct children's complete personality and make children live in the future world confidently.
The kindergarten seek to cultivate the academic, emotional and social development of every child. Through our daily academic activities, young children will become confident in their own abilities to learn. Lesson presentation will be fun and motivational through use of songs, stories, art, writing, modeling, and hands-on activities. 
Tips for relieving kindergarten enrollment anxiety:

△Taking the child to visit the kindergarten frequently and making him/her get familiar with the kindergarten before enrollment.
Encouraging the child to communicate and play with friends of the same age and learn the way to interact with contemporaries.
Preparing bedclothes, school bag etc.
Making the child to practise eating, drinking and wearing shoes and clothes by himself/herself.
Making the child keep regular hours before enrollment.
Guiding the child to express his/her needs clearly.

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