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Objective of SPFS: to make every child the better of himself
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At Pacific International Kindergarten, we customize growth programs for every child.
Every child is unique. At Pacific International Kindergarten, we customize growth programs for every child. While inheriting the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, we combine the good thinking ways and habits of the West to cultivate children's ability to think and solve problems independently, critical thinking , caring and collaboration. At Pacific International Kindergarten, children will grow up and become better together with their partners.
Education Objective

Education Objective:

Taking children as the center, studying during playing and learning during acting. Whatever the child can do, let him do by himself; whatever the kid can think, let him think by himself.
critical thinking
1.Cultivating children's creativity and critical thinking, and helping children develop the habit of inquiry and lifelong learning. Good thinking ways and habits are imperative for personal fulfillment and meeting challenges of the future.
2.Developing children's teamwork ability, so that children can achieve their goals through positive collaboration.
3.Developing children's ability to communicate effectively in different languages and promoting positive relationships.
4.Developing open-mindedness, respect and understanding for others to make children can integrate cultural differences and grow to be global citizens in the 21st century.
5.To make children caring for others. Service to others is a crucial component of making a positive global contribution. 
6.Developing children's sense of justice and responsibility, and making them take responsibilities for their actions.
7.To make children planning for, engaging in, and reflecting upon learning.


Reference to IB-PYP international education standard, combining Chinese and western education essence, creating China - USA curriculum system with problem solving as the core. Combining with IB-PYP interdisciplinary content, the designed unit focuses on several major themes: "who I am", "my space" and "how we express ourselves".
Pacific International Kindergarten is a member of "Shenyang Pacific Ocean International Education Group". As the leader of international education in Northeast China, Pacific International Education Group has provided first-class education services to all students regardless of race, colour and nationality since its establishment in 2010, and taking the concept of "integrating Chinese and Western education, implementing quality education".
In the future, Pacific students will grow up to be global citizens with Chinese cultural heritage and international vision who can lead the future.

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